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Vastu Tips for Home

Vastu for Dining room

A lounge area is similarly vital when contrasted with alternate rooms in the house, so it must be appropriately arranged. A few people say, a lounge area isn’t really essential, yet Vastu trusts that it regards have an appropriate place of eating sustenance as opposed to eating nourishment in any piece of the house.

Vastu for lounge area, ensures that the sustenance you are devouring suggests a beneficial outcome on your body and to your family. Making such an air improves the general nature of your life, along these lines bringing thriving, riches and joy into your life. A lot of things require uncommon consideration, while setting up the development of a lounge area on the standards of Vastu Shastra.

Some of them are :

1. Legitimate area of the lounge area.

2. Legitimate situation of the eating table. Situation of electronic contraptions.

3. The course which one should confront while eating.

Following are some Vastu tips for your optimal Dining room :
  • Vastu trusts that the West bit of the house is the perfect area for setting up a lounge area.
  • Light shades of pink and orange are viewed as the most appropriate divider shading for a lounge area.
  • Vastu prescribes to have square or square shape feasting table.
  • The feasting table ought not be connected to the side dividers.

  • In the event that you wish to put an icebox in the lounge area, at that point put the cooler in the southeast course.
  • The fundamental passageway entryway and the entryway of the lounge area must not confront each other specifically.
  • On the off chance that you need to have a washbasin or sink inside your lounge area, at that point incline toward either eastern or northern corner.

  • Nearness of nature and picturesque magnificence artistic creations can make an upbeat climate.
  • Lounge area ought not be situated close to the passageway, nor ought to be settled precisely under the stairway.
  • The eating table not be in a straight arrangement with the can entryway.

A lounge area is intended for spending glad hours together while eating. It is encouraged to converse with the relatives delicately and in a quiet and lovely voice. Enable the youngsters to appreciate the nourishment, as opposed to giving them an exercise while eating. It is better not to have the TV set in the lounge area, the TV may slaughter the consideration prompting not legitimate utilization of sustenance. Make the earth private and conductive. It is better not to have too numerous furniture in this room. Spotlight fundamentally on the feasting table. Artistic creations of sustenance things can be set in a lounge area which may carry the sweet smell into the place.

The lounge area is the room in the house where every one of the individuals from the family meet up, eat nourishment, talk and have some good times time together. The room is intended to bring everybody closer and have a gab session, know each other better. Frequently it is said that “a family that eats together, sits together dependably remains together.” Well, this is the room that is best to have some time together. It is where visitors are engaged and served.

Numerous individuals have begun to pursue Vastu Shastra in their every day schedule. Some are such firm adherents that they even make a stride towards anything new in the wake of considering Vastu Shastra, from building a house to an office, and so on. With regards to developing a house, Vastu Shastra offers direction for each room, each edge of the house. Here is a portion of the Tips given in Vastu Shastra for Dining Room, how about we examine them for better understanding:

1. Placement for the Dining Room :

The Dining room can be an independent room or in continuation with the kitchen in the east, west or south side. Regularly individuals feel confounded about the course, however with regards to the lounge area, any heading is reasonable, everything necessary is it must be close to the kitchen.

2. Near and same floor as the Kitchen :


The Dining room ought to be on indistinguishable floor from the Kitchen. There is no point of having the Dining room on some other floor other than the Kitchen as it will wind up hard to convey utensils and hot sustenance. Along these lines, Vastu encourages to dependably keep the lounge area and kitchen on a similar floor for smooth stream of work.

3. Perfect Shape for the Dining Table :

The best type of the Dining Table as indicated by Vastu Shastra is Square or Rectangle. There are numerous Shapes like round, oval, hexagon or some other unpredictable shapes feasting tables are accessible yet they are best maintained a strategic distance from. When sitting at a table one needs enough space with the goal that one can eat serenely. In the meantime, there ought to be sufficient space on the table to suit everybody’s plates, which is the reason the square and rectangular shape is favored.

4. A place for the Dining Table :

The best place for the feasting table is in the focal point of the room. Abstain from contacting eating table with dividers as it is less demanding to sit on every one of the seats. On the off chance that, the feasting table contacts the divider, ensure just a single side gets secured, and rest of the space is free and roomy enough to sit.

5. Way to sit on the Table :

Vastu additionally give rules on the best way to sit on the table. With regards to sitting on the feasting table, one ought to sit confronting east, north or west side. The leader of the family should take the east side, and whatever is left of the family can sit confronting east or north or west side. It is viewed as great when the sun beams enter straightforwardly from east heading and light up the day. Abstain from sitting south-bound as the North Pole and south-bound bearing repulse one another and make an unevenness throughout everyday life.

6. Things to Avoid :


In a house, every one of the rooms are abutting and interconnected. Make a point to develop restroom far from the lounge area as it is viewed as extremely unhygienic and awkward to eat close to a washroom. Additionally, on the off chance that the entryway of the restroom is left open, the foul smell is exceptionally awkward to endure, in this manner abstaining from lounge area close washrooms is ideal.

7. Door for the Dining Room :


The entryway of the lounge area must not be confronting the passageway entryway. It is exceptionally clumsy when individuals from outside can watch a man or the family eating. Along these lines, warding off the passage entryway from the lounge area entryway is the best. Additionally, the best headings to settle the entryway are east, north and west bearings.

8. Colours for the Dining Room Walls :

The Dining room is intended to be where hunger strikes and stomach gets satisfied. It is where relatives eat and celebrate. The proper hues for the room can be light blue, yellow, saffron, peach, light green or light shades of pink and orange. Utilizing these shades animate the hunger and furthermore make the look splendid, enormous and intriguing.

9. Wall Decors :

There is no room in the house that is free from divider stylistic layouts separated from a store room. Divider stylistic layouts are vital for each room, as they improve the magnificence of the room and furthermore conceal the unfilled dividers. With regards to the lounge area, a man can simply hang nature related depictions, sustenance related artistic creations or blurbs, and well known culinary specialist’s work of art with motivational statements. Vastu Shastra exhorts hanging nature works of art as they give a quieting impact on the brain and make a man feel loose and settled while eating.

10. Placement for Wash Basin  :

Earlier, individuals used to have a little wash bowl in the lounge area to make it simple to clean hands and mouth in the wake of eating. Vastu Shastra says that if there is a wash bowl in the lounge area, the ideal place to settle the bowl is in North or east side of the room. Having a bowl in these sides makes it simple to achieve the wash bowl and furthermore the sun beams originating from east side keeps the water unadulterated.

Different Things to remember while in Dining Room :



• While eating, attempt to be loose and calm.

• Make a propensity for eating together in any event once in multi day.

• Speak considerately while eating and chat about positive things in a decent way.

• Playing delicate and unobtrusive music in the lounge area pulls in positive vibrations and makes a happy atmosphere while eating.

• While eating sustenance, ensure that there is no TV, PC or PC in the lounge area as they function as a diversion. Rather, collaborate with your family and have an affair time.

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