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Vastu Tips For (Bathroom )

Vastu for Bathroom

A washroom remains for cleaning and self-restoration. In a restroom we not just clean ourselves physically, we likewise delete all psychological foulness. Furthermore, thus, you ought not disregard some convenient Bathroom Vastu Tips which have been managed underneath. Water dependably spills out of the North, North-East or from the Eastern sides of the geological portrayal of the earth. This is the plain motivation behind why our predecessors used to build or set up the washroom on the East side. We have a convention of offering “morning welcoming” to the sun confronting it. Consequently “Vastu Shastra” recommends us to develop the restroom on the East side of the house.

Toilet :

As indicated by the standards of Vastu Shastra, toilets ought to be introduced independently, in spite of the fact that Vastu proposes detachment of the can and the washroom, however it isn’t conceivable nowadays on account of absence of room.

In the event that the latrine and the washroom are connected the accompanying focuses must be dealt with :

  • Try not to construct the latrine the eastern way.
  • The latrine ought to be built towards the West or South.
  • One should confront West or South while utilizing the can.
Shade of the Bathroom Walls :


The shade of the washroom dividers can be painted by one’s craving however it is desirable over paint light hues, similar to blue, white or light shades of pink, and so forth. The explanation for utilizing light hues is that light shades light up a space and make it look bigger than the first space. Another reason is that one may not see any perilous creatures or creepy crawlies like snakes in obscurity; likewise the soil may stay unnoticed in obscurity.

Windows and ventilators :


A huge window can be set in the North and littler ventilators can be set up in the East or West.The little window either in the East or West will permit the of sunrays, which would go away the washroom rapidly, while the bigger window will keep up consistent light in the restroom. What’s more, having windows and ventilators in the washroom will assist, outside air with replacing hot and moist air.

Some Vastu tips for your washroom :


  1. The eastern segment of the house is viewed as the best area for a washroom.
  2. Vastu proposes to settle the taps and showers on the northern side.
  3. According to the rules of Vastu, the seepage framework ought to be the upper east way.
  4. It is recommended that the spring ought to be set in the Southeast corner.
  5. As indicated by Vastu Shastra, the entryway ought not be in the southwest heading. A bath can be set-up on the west side.

Feng Shui Bathroom Tips

The advanced feng shui washroom has turned into a comfortable asylum of treat, extravagance and delight. With whirlpool bath, tiled stroll in shower, lights, music its like having a spa at home.

There is nothing amiss with having a delightful spa like washroom,

Anyway you should recall that the can deplete away the fortunes of any corner. It is smarter to bind the latrine in a little room inside the washroom. In any case, if that is impractical the latrine will in every case flush down the fortunes of any corner.


Dont stress you are not destined forever. Washrooms must be some place, correct? Anyway upgrading for adoration fortunes or riches fortunes in the restroom or storeroom can make relationship or money related issues and cause the opposite you plan to accomplish.

on the off chance that you put precious stones in your relationship corner – and it is in the latrine – what happens is that your affection would presumably get snared with some obnoxious female and leave you without a friend in the world.

For this situation, better to stifle the terrible earth vitality of the can with metal breeze rings.

On the off chance that You have kept brilliant shower or toilets in your restroom then you are flushing down your riches. You ought NOT invigorate your washroom for cash luckiness. Infact you have to smother the awful wood vitality of southeast restroom.

Place candles, brilliant lights or sparkle lights. The fire vitality will monitor the awful vitality.

We’ll go part by segment on the most proficient method to settle the frightfulness of your toilets and restroom so they dont bother any fortunes of the 8 corners. I cherish these images for washroom as they additionally enhance the restroom and enjoyment the faculties. In any case, you should utilize them for the correct heading.

1. Utilize Metal Windchime to feng shui washroom in the Northeast and Southwest.

The shivering sound of metal on metal will monitor the awful earth vitality. Also, who doesnot react to the mitigating sound of wind tolls? Its what my ears were longing to hear. Anyway when you put wind rings make certain that there are no chinese images on the breeze tolls. You need to smother the awful earth vitality there, not invigorate your restroom with images.

Donot put metal breeze tolls or anything metal vitality in north, north west or west washrooms.

2 . Utilize Crystal geode to feng shui restroom in the South.

Balance a gem in the window of your restroom in the south. The wonderful play of rainbow lights from the precious stone will supress the terrible fire vitality of the south washroom. Anyway purging gems consistently is essential as they will ingest negative vitality.

You can likewise have Crystal goede. A geode is a stone with an empty focus. Precious stones develop into the empty and can result in excellent structures. Its a stunner to see, an intriguing world in itself.

Donot put precious stones or anything that symbolizes earth vitality in restrooms in north west,, south west or north east or west.

3. Utilize Lush plants to feng shui restrooms in the north

Rich green plant in the washroom in the north stifle the awful water vitality there. They will likewise help renew the air and your soul. There are really various houseplants that flourish in this current room’s regularly tropical states of low light, warmth, and stickiness.

Donot put plants in the washrooms in south, south east or east.

4. Sparkle lights and candles are for restrooms in the east or south east

The fire vitality of sparkle lights will stifle the terrible wood vitality of the washrooms in east and south east. These lights twirl sparkle when turned on and give the ideal measure of light. You can essentially turn on this light and set the disposition. The inconspicuous gleam and quieting movement of a sparkle light is certain to whisk you off to a more settled and more loosened up perspective.

You can likewise utilize candles in your east or south east restroom. Particularly on the off chance that you need give your restroom a decent sentimental gleam.

Donot put candles or brilliant lights for restrooms in the south west, north east or south.


Be that as it may, this is just an impermanent arrangement. So on the off chance that you are wanting to purchase your fantasy house ensure you dont purchase a house where the can is appropriate over the fundamental entryway or the room or kitchen and eating territory.

5. Place still water in a urn to feng shui restroom in West Or North West.

You need to debilitate the awful metal vitality of the west or north west bathroon. You can do this by putting water in a urn. Water debilitates metal and it will shield paradise fortunes and decendants fortunes from going down the deplete.

6.  Mirrors on the washroom entryway.

A full length reflect on the washroom entryway influences the restroom to vanish. The chi get ricocheted over into different rooms. So it can’t escape from the channels or latrine.

Anyway the mirror shouldnt mirror any entryway, bed or another mirror. Likewise the mirror will twofold what it reflects. So donot put mirrors on the off chance that they will reflect earth, mess, sharp points of divider or furnitures.

Rather utilize a non intelligent delightful screen to conceal the restroom entryway from the fundamental entryway or bed. You ought to never have the capacity to see the latrine entryway from the passageway.

7. Basic oils

Give the fragrance of fundamental oils a chance to fill your restroom. A fragrance based treatment shower (or “smell shower”) can be a relieving retreat or a resuscitating knowledge and a dazzling method to clean yourself.

Adding basic oil to paint will neutralize the repulsive smell. Also, in light of the fact that basic oils are not greasy oils, they will leave no oil spots on the dividers.

You can get innovative and add basic oils to globules when not being used.

8.  Picking your feng shui restroom floor coverings.

Feng shui restroom floor coverings can improve the structure of your washroom. You never need to feel constrained while picking feng shui washroom floor coverings. Pick the correct shading and shape for your washroom.

North Bathroom-Choose rectangular shape floor coverings in green shading.

South Bathroom-Square shape carpets done in skin hues from yellow, pink to chocolate darker are most appropriate are perfect for south restroom

East or South East Bathrooms-You can go for triangular restroom mats in red shading.


West or North West Bathroom – Its best to have covers in blue shading and stunningly better if the shap is wavy. Wavy shapes and blue shading symbolizes water component that fumes terrible metal vitality of west or north west restroom.

South West or North East restrooms Have roundabout shape mats in silver or dim hues in washrooms on the off chance that they happen to be in the south west or north east.

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